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Summer 17'18

Draping flora, swathed in loose silk ribbons in different shades of nude and blush is still on trend. Green on green on greenery. Big hanging installations. 

Gorgeous tablescapes 

Draped in greenery with brass candlesticks and cut crystal elevated on mismatched timber rounds. Floral table runners have been a big hit. Oh and candles. Tonnes and tonnes of candles. 

Location Location Location

Turning the festivities into a weekend affair is an important aspect to the modern wedding. Think tipis, glamping and 3 hour drives through picturesque countryside to places like the Hunter Valley, Kangaroo Valley, Blue Mountains and Berry.
(photo credit of our flowers @jamesbillingphotography)


Any style and size any budget...

While our forte is rustic and vintage styling, we can work with any style, size or budget to make your day as magical as it should be. We are perfectly happy to add extra greenery or tweak a design to fit into your budget, ask us how.